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We are happy to announce that Culturati and our partner Weeva have teamed up to create ”The Culture Book, Volume 1: When Culture Clicks". It's a collection of real stories and expert advice on corporate culture building. 

32 leaders from organizations like Southwest Airlines, Netflix, Ben & Jerry’s, IDEO, Goodwill, and the Navy SEALS have generously opened their playbooks to all our benefit.

What does it look like to develop a consistent, deliberate practice around culture? What challenges did the leaders of these storied cultures encounter along the way? What rich, fresh discoveries made a real difference?

The Culture Book is a practical guide to building incredible corporate cultures. It is for everyone who believes in the power of culture, and anyone who wants to affect positive change wherever they work.

These are the best stories that we’ve encountered in years of hands-on fieldwork, paired with proven, practical frameworks that you can get started with right now.


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Center for MSis

Wharton Alumni Books Roundup: Summer 2018

Cole Jacobson C19 – July 26th, 2018

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The Culture Book - Volume 1: When Culture Clicks

Weeva & Culturati – July 13th, 2018

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Monthly Culture Inspiration: May 2018

Mollie West Duffy – May 14th, 2018

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Consultant Tools

John Jentsch – April 27th, 2018

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The Culture Book Excerpt: Dr. Sara Brand of True Wealth Ventures

Dr. Sara Brand, Founding General Partner, True Wealth Ventures – April 26th, 2018

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Product Hunt

The Culture Book

April 20th, 2018

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The Culture Book Project

Culturati – January 4th, 2018

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The Culture Book Excerpt: Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s

Jerry Greenfield, Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – January 3rd, 2018


Kim gorsuch

Kim Gorsuch

Publisher and Producer

Kim created Weeva in 2013 after her father was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness that made her realize how much she didn’t know about him, her family, and memories they all held. She needed to find a way that allowed her to preserve the collective memories of her family but nothing was available that matched what she needed – a place that allowed you to collect stories, pictures, and memories, together with your family and friends. Realizing she wasn’t the only one that could benefit from a platform like this, she did what any person would do.. she quit her job, created a startup, named it Weeva, pitched it at Capital Factory, was accepted into the accelerator, added the Weeva Team and hasn’t stopped creating meaning and connections for people since.

Rachel feferman headshot

Rachel Feferman

Executive Editor

Rachel has spent her career focused on maximizing team and client outcomes. She started her career supporting KnowledgeCube, a Venture Capital firm born out of and focused on MIT's 50k entrepreneurship competition. Her work partnering with early stage startups kicked off a career focused on leveraging technology and processes to drive operational efficiency and focus on the customer experience.

For the past 11 years, Rachel has been focused on HR transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies. For most of that time, Rachel worked with HR and management consulting firms to identify optimal technology and structural solutions. Today, she works for Businessolver, a best-of-breed Benefits software solution. Founded by HR professionals, Businessolver delivers an easy-to-use system that drives engagement, reduces compliance risk and simplifies the very complex world of executing against employers' total compensation strategies.

Her work has taken her from boardrooms in Tokyo to the Iowa State Fair, but she's always thrilled to return home to Austin, Texas. Rachel kills it in the kitchen, is a voracious reader, and is the proud mom of a 4-year old tornado named Nina.

Michael feferman headshot

Michael Feferman

Executive Editor

Michael has been an entrepreneur since the 6th grade, when he co-founded the dominant candy and gum supplier at Jefferson Middle School. Despite his background in candy distribution, his professional experience is mostly in the technology and entertainment industries. Michael is the Co-Founder of Austin-based media network DoStuff Media. He earned his B.A. in psychology at Harvard, his MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of Texas, and his actual business knowledge at C3 Presents, where he helped build the company from a 10-person local concert promoter into the largest independent event company in North America.

Organizational culture's impact on organizational results has been a source of fascination, passion, and frustration for Michael at every step in his entrepreneurial journey. He has enjoyed indulging that fascination as the Curator of the Culturati Summit.

Josh jones dilworth headshot

Josh Jones-Dilworth

Executive Producer

Josh has spent his career making sure that what’s important gets your attention. Today he is Founder and CEO of JDI, a boutique marketing consultancy focused on emerging technologies. Their clients over the years can be found here. Josh is also well-known as a co-founder of The Daily Dot, and currently serves on its Board. The Daily Dot is an online newspaper covering Internet culture, and one of the fastest-growing online media ventures of all-time. Today, the Dot is read by 20 million people and counting.

Josh also co-founded and is a Director of both Totem, the hosted press page that journalists prefer, and Litmus Health, which uses remote monitoring and machine learning to help researchers make better go and no-go decisions from clinical trials. Josh is an advisor to over a dozen companies and accelerators, and he is a frequent teacher, speaker and guest writer on topics ranging from the mainstreaming of artificial intelligence, to the advent of precision medicine, the new modes of research technology commercialization.

Across all 5 organizations he has built and helped run, corporate culture is a central theme to Josh's success. In an era where there is no meaningful difference between internal and eternal communication, transparency is a favorite topic. Josh is also known for infusing Quaker traditions into the workplace, insisting on an unusually large operations team, quantifying the benefits of benefits, and eschewing titles come hell or high water. You should read his blog at and follow him on Twitter at @joshdilworth.

Eugene sepulveda headshot

Eugene Sepulveda

Executive Producer

Eugene Sepulveda is the founder of Culturati. He advises ceos, board members and investors on corporate culture and employee engagement as CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation and a director of Capital Factory. For more than 25 years, Eugene has practiced, experimented, failed and succeeded in building successful cultures in businesses, nonprofits, local & national: political, social & human rights organizations. He believes a mission-driven purpose is critical for sustained outlier performance, and that it attracts & retains the best people.

A senior advisor to Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Eugene helped lead the Mayor's 2014 campaign and landslide election. As the President & CEO of NPR-affiliate, Marfa Public Radio, he led their expansion into the Permian Basin markets, increasing their listener and donor base tenfold; and served as co-chair of President Obama's LGBT Leadership Council during a period of unprecedented LGBT monetary and electoral support. Eugene also brings 30 years experience from banking, high tech startups, and higher education. He previously taught social entrepreneurship & global business at the University of Texas' McCombs School of Business, served as CFO for an Austin-based semiconductor startup, and was Austin's first technology banker.